REVIEWS: Red Velvet at STNJ

David recently closed his successful and critically applauded run of “Red Velvet” at Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey in September 2016. Here’s what local critics had to say about the regional premiere of this immediately relevant and important piece:

Patrick Maley, (Sept 15, 2016)
‘Red Velvet’ at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is a gripping history lesson

But the proceedings get considerably more interesting in the play’s latter half, particularly because we come to understand Aldridge as a complex, nuanced person. One long debate between Laporte and Aldridge results in a blockbuster scene. The director is pulled between his duty to the theater’s trustees and his loyalty to his friend, while the actor angrily defends his dignity and artistic achievements. Director Monte wisely clears the stage and lets her two actors have at it. Smiling and Foubert boil over as they jab at each other while defending themselves, but their stirring performances make vivid that this is less a personal argument than it is deeply entrenched in layers of social, aesthetic, and historical struggle.

Richard Carter, (Sept 22, 2016)
“Seething must-see racial drama—Lolita Chakrabarti’s ‘Red Velvet’ at Shakespeare Theatre”

Managing the unmanageable: David Foubert, as company manager Pierre Laporte, and Lindsay Smiling are electrifying in the play’s most gut-wrenching scene, when Pierre and Ira’s long-standing friendship totally ruptures. In explosive, high-decibel, hurricane-force exchanges, their raw dialogue is frightening, disturbing. When thrown to the floor and about to be struck by Ira, his line “This is who you truly are!”, is psychologically shattering. Mr. Smiling perfectly conveys its nearly catatonic effects throughout the lengthy final scene change.

Philip Dorian, (September 11, 2016)

David Foubert’s portrayal of the well-intentioned Covent Garden manager is a sympathetic one, even as he succumbs to racial, social and financial pressure. … It is hardly a cheery ending, but as directed by Bonnie J. Monte into a seamless blend of actorly behavior, 19th Century racial attitudes (disturbingly familiar, need one say), and a smattering of Shakespeare, Red Velvet is a satisfying, immersive experience.

Simon Saltzman,

The French theater manager Pierre Laorte (David Foubert) robustly defends and stands by his provocative decision to have Aldridge replace Kean but only supporting actor Henry (Garrett Lawson) can attest to having seen Aldridge actually perform. … This largely character-driven play gives time for the actors in the company to express their dismay, as does the hugely disappointed Pierre who was forced to replace Aldridge after the reviews were published. … Enthusiastic word of mouth should help keep the theater filled for the duration of its run.

THEATER: Red Velvet at STNJ

David is delighted to be returning to the acclaimed Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey to portray Pierre LaPorte in their production of Red Velvet.

This marks the New Jersey premiere of award-winning British playwright, Lolita Chakrabarti’s true-life story of Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor and the first black man to appear as Othello on the London stage. This compelling tale of a pioneer artist from the 1800’s is fascinating, heartbreaking, and immensely relevant for our day and age.

Red Velvet will run from September 7 – September 25, 2016. For more information on the production, visit the STNJ production website.

David is available for booking in Seattle or for similar regional productions after the close of Red Velvet.

THEATER: “Johnny On A Spot” at ACT

David will be featured in ACT’s latest entry in the Endangered Species Theater Project, “Johnny On A Spot”. The staged reading will take place one night only, on Monday August 8 at 7PM.

For more information and tickets, visit the ACT website.

FILM: David joins the cast of “Chaldea”

As a lifelong gamer, David is delighted to announce that he will be joining the cast of Chaldea: a high-fantasy sword & sorcery graphic novel with integrated transmedia elements. Chaldea is the creative brainchild of Peter D. Adkison, one of the original founders of Wizards of the Coast.

David will play Otvard Stigvard, a journalism magnate within the world of Chaldea. For more information on the character, visit the Chaldea site.

This will be David’s first SAG production. We can’t wait to see how this extremely unique project takes shape!

New Representation: MAM Artists

David is pleased to announce that he is now represented by MAM Artists in Seattle for all film, video, and voiceover work.

For booking inquiries, contact or call (206) 249-9051. David is available for productions in Washington State, and works as a local in the Seattle region.

THEATER: “Shining City” at Island Stage Left

David made his return to the unique Puget Sound institution, Island Stage Left, for their production of “Shining City” by Connor Macpherson. The thought-provoking production was a great success, with full houses throughout the run leading to added performances. David played former-priest-turned-therapist Ian. Performances ran November 13 – December 6, 2015.

To view photos from the production, click here.


BWW: ACT’s Christmas Carol “Alive with Magic”

Congratulations to the cast of ACT’s 2014 production of A Christmas Carol! Early performances have been a hit, and has weighed in with a very positive review (Dec 1, 2014):

ACT and Director John Langs completely nailed it again and then some. I saw the production last year of ACT’s Seattle tradition of “A Christmas Carol” and found myself struck by how well they conveyed this classic tale. And as much as I enjoyed it last year there was something even more magical and special in the air for this year’s production (or they spiked my eggnog) as I completely found myself swept away by this incredible show and, yes, crying my eyes out.

The show has always been a winner in the hands of ACT and is even more so in the hands of Langs and this cast and crew. It’s truly something special and we should be grateful we have it here with us.

David Foubert, playing the infamous Marley amongst other characters, also received positive mention:

The cast is superb… The three ghosts who speak (Christmas future never has too much to say) each managed to bring stunning elements. David Foubert as Marley was totally creepy and laser focused.

David and the cast of A Christmas Carol can be seen through December 28, 2014.


Interview with David in “Times of Trenton”

As we head into closing weekend for the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ’s successful and well-received run of “Henry VIII”, starring David in the title role, the Times of Trenton took a moment to interview David and his co-star Jessica Wortham (Queen Katherine) about the experience.

David Foubert as Henry gets far more stage time than Wortham, but he quickly points out that the man he plays isn’t the bearded, rotund, bejeweled monarch of the famous Henry VIII portraits.

“Henry was a vital, active, straightforward, outgoing young man who enjoyed hunting and jousting with his many friends. He’s smart enough to accept and consider, although he may not follow it, the advice he receives from older, more experienced statesman he’s surrounded by, people like Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cranmer,” says Foubert who points out that at one time, the role was often assigned to actors who specialized, as he does, in comedy. His many roles in the eight seasons he has been with the Shakespeare Theatre have included many comedies including one of three actors who perform “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Click here to read the interview on the Times of Trenton website (November 7, 2014). Henry VIII closes on Sunday, November 9th.

Broadway World Review: “Henry VIII at STNJ is Outstanding Theatre” loved the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s production of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII:

“The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (STNJ) continues their triumphant season with one of the Shakespeare’s rarely produced masterpieces, Henry VIII now onstage through November 9th. Tell a friend to tell a friend…. The staging and pacing of this epic play is absolutely flawless.”

With regard to David’s performance in the title role, BWW was equally glowing:

“The cast is ideally suited to their roles. David Foubert masters his role as a very robust, yet charming Henry. While Foubert succeeds at portraying this commanding character, he brings a real sense of humanity to the role. His contemplative disposition is particularly evident when he hears the pleadings of Catherine played by Jessica Wortham.”

Read the full review from Marina Kennedy at (October 27, 2014)

New York Times Review: “Pageantry and Sizzling Romance in ‘Henry VIII’”

David’s current work at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (as King Henry VIII) received a great mention from Michael Sommers in the New York Times (October 24 print edition):

…”The actors portray their characters with conviction and vigor. An always confident, at times surly Henry, David Foubert plays the king as a handsome though mercurial devil who passionately believes in whatever he is thinking at the moment.”

Click here to read the full review. ‘Henry VIII’ closes November 9, 2014.